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Mt. Orab Elementary
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Mrs. Andrews

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I hope everyone is doing well!

I love fiber arts, especially weavings.  I find weavings to be very relaxing to create once in the groove.  They are also easy to start and stop when the time fits.  I like to make weavings in the evening while watching TV or on my porch on a nice day.  Weavings are typically made with yarns from around the world, but some of my favorites are when artists add in natural elements or unusual items.  Here I created for you a step by step guide on how to create a recycled weaving! (attached to this email).  This can be easily created with things around your home.

If you have yarn or other materials feel free to use that as well!  This would be a great activity to do with your household.  Please send pictures to me if you decide to try out a weaving, or any other arts you have been working on!

Miss you!
Mrs. Andrews 


I hope everyone is doing well, we miss you so much!  We have designed some coloring sheets for you to use while on Spring Break as a fun activity. 

When you are finished hang it on your door or in your window to show everyone that you have Bronco Pride!

You have 6 to choose from, pick your favorite or color them all!  Some have a background and some are blank to design on your own!

Send a photo of you and your coloring sheet when finished, we would love to see them!

Can't wait to see you again!

Mrs. Andrews 
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