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Remote Learning FAQ's

What is Remote Learning?
Remote learning is much different than what we did during the shut down between March and May 2020.  Every student will have a school schedule to follow so they can continue their coursework with teacher support.  It is very important that you and your student understand what is expected, so please refer to your student's  building expectations and grade level schedule.  Our week is based on three engagement days (M,W, & F) when students are expected to interact with teachers, complete lessons, and take quizzes / tests.  Two days a week (T /Th)  teachers will provide time to answer questions, provide additional intervention and support, and work on lesson plans or meet with colleagues. 
When will Remote Learning start?
We want to thank everyone for cooperating and following the safety precautions we've put into place.  It is our overall goal to stay in school while following our COVID safety guidelines. If we get to a point that we do not have the staff or employees to carry on our regular school schedule and services, we may have to go to remote learning for an appropriate amount of time to allow employees to return.  For example, we might have one building go remote for two weeks to accommodate a large amount of employee cases or quarantines.
What is expected during Remote Learning?
Our expectations are very similar from one building to another.  There might be a few differences to meet the age or grade level needs of the student attending the building.  We ask that you read each building's Student Expectation page so you'll be prepared if we ever have to go remote.

How will my student access Remote Learning?
WB is proud to announce that we have a Chromebook for each of our students.  Our K-4 students have Chromebook class sets that can be handed out to students to take home if we go remote.  5th - 12th grade students have had their Chromebooks for a couple of years and should know how to use them and access their work.  Teachers will be utilizing Google Classroom to organize remote lessons and coursework and have been doing so during the normal school day so students know how to use instructional technology in their learning.  There may be a few other online programs that your student will need to access but those links will be embedded in Google Classroom for easy access.  If you need internet access, each building will be providing internet labs during the day for students to download or access their coursework. This is not for instructional tutoring or help with content, just for accessing the internet.  Please follow the directions to reserve a time slot for one of our internet labs.  Only school age students can attend these labs.

Where do I go for additional information on Remote Learning?
There is a webpage for each building under the Remote Learning Plan and Schedules tab, located to the left.  Please click on the building your child attends and read the Student Expectations document first, then click on the grade level they are in for their Remote Learning Schedule.  If you have any additional questions, please contact your child's teacher(s.)
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