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Social Studies

Mt. Orab Middle School
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Mt. Orab, OH 45154

Social Studies Websites

Themes of Social Studies  Geography Special EventsGovernement Timelines  The Mayan CivilizationThe Aztec Civilization The Inca Civilization  Mississippians Native AmericansExplorers 
 Push Pull Factors in Movement - Zombies Match the States Game Channel One News  Timeline Video      
 5 Themes of Social Studies Airplane Latitude/LongitudeLinda Ellerbee 9/11 Map of Modern Monarchies Softschools Timeline examples The Mayans - 3 short videos Ancient Aztecs Introduction Mr Donn Incas Cahokia - City of the Sun Native American Regions 
 Name the State Liberty Kids Constitution Queen Elizabeth Coronation to Diamond Jubilee Social Studies for Kids - Timeline Examples The Mayan Empire for Kids Aztec's Geography (Prezi) video  Native American Regions Mr Richey John Cabot - Mr Donn Facts and Video
  Climate Zones Video Anti-Bullying Video Overview of Types of Governments Timeline Maker Watch, Know, Learn Mayan Videos Mr Donn Aztec Facts Comparison of Maya Inca and Aztec  Native Americans Kidzfeed
  International Pizza Delivery 2 Anti-bullying Videos Advantages/Disadvantages to Democracy  The Maya Civilization  Daily Life with quiz Mr Donn Geography and Human Interaction    
  Mr Nussbaum Continents and Oceans Popular Vote vs Electorial College   Time Warp Trio     
  Climate Zone Video 2 The electorial college Who Rules?  Mayan Glyphs     
  Climate in the Polar Region Light Fight 2015 Dictatorship vs Democracy video  Mayan Glyph Translater Inca Virtual visit    
  Climate in the Tropical Region Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Food Forms of Governement Video       

 Climate in the Temperate Region

 Thanksgiving (1621) Intro to 3 forms of gov't       
  Landforms Mr Dimaio crash Course History Thanksgiving World Factbook       
  Timeline information Remembering Pearl Harbor - Time What is a Dictator?       
  Timeline Gangnam Style Christmas Around the World What is a Democracy? in pictures       
  Two-Tier Timeline Prezi I Am Martin Luther King Jr Book Nook Importance of Democracy - Maya and Miguel       
  Match the states Building of One America Tower The Butterfly Read Aloud       
  Hannah's Lat/Long Game We the People - Schoolhouse Rock        
  Match the States Constitution Day = Legislative Branch        
  Landform Scavenger Hunt         
  Continents/Oceans Song         
  North American Landforms         
  Landform Matching Pics/Def         
  Landform Matching         
  Landform Video         
  Ohio's Natural Resources         

Mapping Websites

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