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SBC League Allstars 1989-1990

Western Brown High School
Building Photohs.jpg 474 West Main Street
Mt Orab, OH 45154

SBC League Allstars 1989-1990

Western Brown S.B.C. All-Stars

BaseballMatt Chadwell2nd Team
BaseballBrad Moore1st Team
BaseballJaime Scherzinger1st Team
Boys BasketballMatt Chadwell2nd Team
Boys BasketballJames Hamblem2nd Team
Boys BasketballBarry Henderson2nd Team
Boys BasketballKen Lambert1st Team
Girls BasketballBarb Bilbrey1st Team
Girls BasketballTheresa Cooper1st Team
Girls BasketballSabrina Tackett2nd Team
Boys Cross CountryJohn Bowman1st Team
Boys Cross CountryScot Singlton1st Team
FootballDion Barber2nd Team
FootballChris Burns1st Team
FootballChris BurnsSpecial Mention S.W. District
FootballRick Claypool1st Team
FootballRick Claypool2nd Team
FootballRick ClaypoolHon. Men. S.W. District
FootballBill Colliver1st Team
FootballGreg Evans2nd Team
FootballJohn Fischer1st Team
FootballJohn Fischer1st Team
FootballJohn Fischer1st Team SouthWest District
FootballJohn FischerSpecial Mention All-Ohio Division II
FootballMike Giles1st Team
FootballMitch Haney1st Team
FootballMitch HaneySpecial Mention All-Ohio Division II
FootballEric Minnie2nd Team
FootballBrad Moore1st Team
FootballBrad Moore1st Team
FootballBrad MooreSpecial Mention S.W. District
SoftballTim CookCoach of the Year
SoftballTim CookS.W. District All-Star Coach
SoftballKim Kirk1st Team
SoftballKim KirkS.W. District All-Stars
SoftballShelly Nichols2nd Team
SoftballKim Ratcliff1st Team
SoftballSabrina Tackett1st Team
SoftballSabrina TackettAll Southwest District
SoftballJulie Young1st Team
Boys TennisMatt Wells2nd Team
Boys TrackChris Bingham2nd Team
Boys TrackAdam BirdCoach of the Year SBC
Boys TrackJohn Bowman1st Team
Boys TrackChris Burns2nd Team
Boys TrackTom Champ1st Team
Boys TrackJohn Fischer2nd Team
Boys TrackPhil Fite2nd Team
Boys TrackEugene Kyle1st Team
Boys TrackKen Lambert1st Team
Girls TrackJill Conrad2nd Team
Girls TrackDia Mills2nd Team
Girls TrackTammy Minion2nd Team
Girls TrackLori Nead2nd Team
Girls TrackShelly Neal1st Team
VolleyballTheresa Cooper1st Team
VolleyballKim Elam2nd Team
VolleyballDusty GrayCoach of the Year SBC
VolleyballGretchen Mayes1st Team
WrestlingJohn Bowman2nd Team
WrestlingKris Cooper2nd Team
WrestlingHarmon Sizemore2nd Team
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