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SBC League Allstars 2009-2010

Western Brown High School
Building Photohs.jpg 474 West Main Street
Mt Orab, OH 45154

SBC League Allstars 2009-2010

Western Brown S.B.C. All-Stars

Girls TennisDevin Latham1st Team
Girls TennisSara Wiesenhahn1st Team
Girls TennisMorgan Wright1st Team
Girls TennisKandise King1st Team
Girls TennisAlli Kelsey2nd Team
Girls TennisDan JohnsonSBC Coach of the Year
GolfCole Kirkpatrick1st Team
GolfTyler McNichols2nd Team
GolfJustin Nickell2nd Team
GolfMcree Kidwell2nd Team
Girls SoccerBri Tudor1st Team
Girls SoccerMorgan Henry1st Team
Girls SoccerCalleigh Olson2nd Team
Girls SoccerTaylor Henry2nd Team
Boys SoccerTyler Hibbits1st Team
Boys SoccerJeremy Green2nd Team
Boys SoccerAustin Moore2nd Team
VolleyballLauren Davis1st Team
VolleyballJeanette CunninghamPlayer of the Year,
1st Team
VolleyballLindsey Leist1st Team
VolleyballHannah Menard2nd Team
VolleyballAli Hiler2nd Team
VolleyballHeather CooperSBC Coach of the Year
Girls Cross CountryChristine MoonRunner of the Year,
1st Team
Girls Cross CountryShelby Gibbons1st Team
Girls Cross CountryBrittany Fancher1st Team
Girls Cross CountryEmily Siemer1st Team
Girls Cross CountryHeather Liming2nd Team
Girls Cross CountryMorgan Wright2nd Team
Girls Cross CountryJim NeuSBC Coach of the Year
Boys Cross CountryJon Walker1st Team
Boys Cross CountryLogan Sutherland1st Team
Boys Cross CountryNathan Robinson2nd Team
Boys Cross CountryBrady Patrick2nd Team
Boys Cross CountryLane Day2nd Team
FootballMatt Corcoran1st Team,
Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention
FootballAdam Rolph1st Team,
Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention
FootballMatt Canter1st Team,
Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention
FootballDane Boggs1st Team,
Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention
FootballWalker Davis2nd Team
FootballBrad Rhodes2nd Team
FootballKyle Puckett2nd Team
AcademicSarah Kelsey

1st Team

AcademicKatie Yockey2nd Team
AcademicJoel Cecil2nd Team
WrestlingKurtis Fox1st Team,
Dist. Placer-5th,
State Alternate
WrestlingTory Bauer1st Team,
Dist. Placer-6th
WrestlingSam Dibello2nd Team
WrestlingJustin Dillinger1st Team,
District Qualifier
WrestlingGunnar PattonDistrict Qualifier
WrestlingJake BeringDistrict Qualifier
Boys BasketballDylan Dawson1st Team
Boys BasketballKyle Puckett2nd Team
Girls BasketballLauren Davis1st Team,
D1 SW District Special Mention
Girls BasketballDevin Latham1st Team
Girls BasketballJeanette Cunningham1st Team
Girls BasketballMorgan Wright2nd Team
Girls BasketballLindsey Leist2nd Team
Girls BasketballLauren DavisSBC Player of the Year
Girls BasketballMike CooperSBC Coach of the Year
Indoor TrackChristine MoonState Qualifier
Indoor TrackMack TudorState Qualifier
Boys TennisMcCree Kidwell1st Team
BaseballEric Jamison

1st Team,
All Ohio 2nd Team,
Cin. Enquirer Honorable Mention

BaseballTory Bauer1st Team,
Cin. Enquirer Honorable Mention
BaseballCaleb Reiselman1st Team,
Cin Enquirer Honorable Mention
SoftballMiranda Kelly1st Team,
Cin. Enquirer Honorable Mention
SoftballMorgan Henry2nd Team
SoftballBecca Woodruff2nd Team
SoftballBrittany Palmer2nd Team
Girls TrackMorgan Orr1st Team
Girls TrackShelby Gibbons1st Team
Girls TrackChristine Moon1st Team
Girls TrackBrittany Palmer1st Team,
D1 Regional Qualifier Discus
Girls TrackOlivia Purdin1st Team
Girls TrackAllyson Hile1st Team
Girls TrackCourtney Holden1st Team
Girls TrackJen Lyons1st Team
Girls TrackChelsey Noble1st Team
Girls TrackFelicia Zeller1st Team
Girls TrackEmily Siemer1st Team
Girls TrackBrianna Tudor2nd Team
Girls TrackCourtney Campbell2nd Team
Girls TrackMeranda Jennings2nd Team
Girls TrackLauren Stacy2nd Team
Girls TrackDominique Hunter2nd Team
Girls TrackTori Emery2nd Team
Girls TrackJeff JonesCoach of the Year
Boys TrackMack Tudor1st Team,
D1 SW District Champion Discus,
D1 Regional Qualifier Shot & Discus,
Cin. Enquirer 1st Team Discus
Boys TrackWill Moore2nd Team
Boys TrackJohn Moore2nd Team
Boys TrackLogan Whyte2nd Team
Boys TrackJosh Massey2nd Team
Boys TrackMichael Lindsey2nd Team
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